Move: Australian Outdoor Advertising Audience

CUENDE Infometrics previous experience in the development of the Spanish Outdoor Audience Measurement system contributes in MOVE Measurement, the Out-of-Home ratings implemented in Australia. The “Zone of Visibility” methodology and patented technology of CUENDE Infometrics was recognized as state of the art in OoH Audience Measurement.

After a selection process lasting 18 months, VIEW MEASUREMENT consortium was selected as the official source of Audience Measurement of OoH. The international competition was organized by OMA (Outdoor Media Association), together with the Australian Association of National Advertisers, Advertising Federation of Australia and the Media Federation of Australia. Overall, the Outdoor Advertising industry had invested $ 5 million Australian dollars in the system.

The VIEW MEASUREMENT consortium was formed by:
MOVE provides Audience data for 60,000 advertising panels located in major cities, including: billboards; kiosks; bus stops; tram, railway and bus stations; telephone booths; airports; advertisements on buses and trams (both internal and external) and shopping centers.

Several sources are used to predict the patterns of displacement:
MOVE incorporates Eye-tracking studies than can provide data of the probability of eye contact with the outdoor advertisements.

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