Move: Pakistani Out of Home ratings system

The Pakistan Advertisers' Society (PAS) has endorsed MOVE – “Measuring OOH Visibility & Exposure” - consortium to develop and launch an OOH Audience and Ratings currency in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpind.

In October 2013, PAS OAMTC (Outdoor Audience Measurement Technical Committee) issued a request for proposals to provide detailed input into the development, design and launch of the new OOH research currency and associated reporting and analytic systems.

Out-of-Home is 12% of the total advertising expenditure in Pakistan with a volume of 360 million € (48.5bn PKR). Global advertisers are present in a country with a population exceding 180 million people.

After a review process, the MOVE consortium was finally endorsed by the OAMTC and the PAS Executive Council for the project.

MOVE project consortium is formed by:

Qamar Abbas, PAS Executive Director said, “The launch of an OOH currency to ESOMAR's Global Standards will meet our member's needs for utilizing OOH in their overall ad campaigns on a more scientific and effective basis, notably within the media mix. He reaffirmed PAS' overall confidence with MOVE for proposing such a multifaceted research project.”

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