Jose M. Cuende (1947) with an extensive background in marketing (Renault, ITT/Alcatel, Fujitsu), (Ph Economics and Computer Science) and Daniel Cuende (1971) (Industrial Engineering and Marketing Research) founded CUENDE Infometrics in 1991.

Milestones :

1991: Foundation.
1993: Development of QRP's (Quality Rating Points) television.
1994: Launch of MONET (Control in TV advertising effectiveness).
1994: Creation of MIRO (effectiveness in outdoor advertising).
1995: Launch of INSUMO (purchase intention and consumer products).
1998: Selected by Via Digital (Spanish TV Digital Operator) to develop the analysis of consumer satisfaction measurement and audience measurement of digital TV.
1999: Creation of GEOMEX (Outdoor audience measurement).
2000: Conception of NEURALEXT (Neural Networks to predict advertising efficiency in OoH).
2001: Development of WEBMETRIA (usability analysis and optimization of websites).
2002: Conception of SCREEN Analyzer (tracking of user behavior in websites).
2003: Establishment of GOGH (Geomarketing Database of people movement information for retail evaluation).
Creation of VISIT SOURCE (relevancy analytics in websites).
2004: Launch of INTERNET REPORT COMPETITORS ICR (Analysis of attractiveness of competing brands on Internet).
Implementation of GEOTRANS (Urban buses Audience Measurement).
Opening of new offices in the Corporate Campus Arbea due to the growth of the company.
2005: Development ADWORDMETRICS monitoring service of sponsored links on Internet search engines.
2006: Launch of GEOMETRO (Subway Audience Measurement).
Develops marketing online consulting services.
Creation of MOVE, Australian OoH Audience Measurement System.
2009: Strategic alliance with TELMAR GROUP.
Launch of Wikoohpedia, the Out of Home knowledge site
2010: Telmar and CUENDE win the tender to develop the planning tool to Outdoor Advertising in the UK.
Foundation of Save Meeting, partipated company running productivity tools.
Telmar and CUENDE develop the SAARF (South African Advertising Research Foundation) OoH planning tool.
2011 CUENDE and Telmar win the tender to create a OoH planning software in Poland.
2013 TomTom and CUENDE sign a parnertship agreement to use Big Data traffic flows in OoH Audience Measurment.
2013 CUENDE and DigitalGlobe sign a partnership agreement that allows worldwide space imaginery in OoH research.

2017 AchievedTecnical Innovation Award from OOH Audience Measurement System of Fepe International.



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