Out of Home consultancy services

For years, CUENDE Infometrics has worked closely with Spain’s outdoor operators and agencies to create cutting-edge solutions in Out-of-Home advertising. Its innovative use of tracking A-GPS systems and the patented "Visibility area" is state-of-the-art Audience Measuremen system. CUENDE  is the leading source of outdoor data in Spain, in addition CUENDE has run projects in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Poland, USA and South Africa.

CUENDE lTook into account its clients’ feedback input from clients such as Havas Media, Aegis, Zenith, JCDecaux, Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor, and then went ahead to create CUENDE’s outdoor planning software’s, used in various countries. Its experience, and know-how were so relevant that CUENDE has been hired as consultants to help develop audience measurement systems in various countries.

If you need consultanting services in Outdoor advertising research CUENDE Infometrics is the best choice.


OoH Consultancy

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